Dance Studio Closures & Special Dates


The dance studio is closed and there are no classes during:

            Thanksgiving Break – November 23rd – 27th    Classes resume on Monday November 30, 2020 

            Winter Break – December 21st – January 1st    Classes resume on Monday January 4, 2021

            Spring Break – March 22nd – 26th    Classes resume on Monday March 29th, 2021   

            Memorial Day – Monday May 31, 2021

            Last Day of Regular Classes — Friday June 18, 2021

The dance studio is OPEN and there are classes on MLK Day (January 18th) and President’s Day (February 15th).

The dance studio is OPEN and there are classes during teacher in-service days, including end of grading period, planning days, teacher conferences, etc. The dance studio follows the Beaverton School District bad weather closures.  If school is cancelled or let out early, all classes would be cancelled.  If school starts late, but goes the rest of the day without the weather worsening, the studio would be open that night.  We will communicate any weather closures via email; you can also call the studio answering machine, visit our website or Elite’s Facebook page.