Dance Companies

Dance Companies

Elite’s Competitive and Performing Dance Company
Auditions have been held for our 2021-2022 dance season.


Competitive Dance Companies

The Competitive Dance Companies provide opportunities for dancers to train and compete at an advanced level. The dancers compete at numerous competitions and attend many weekend conventions where they have the privilege of taking classes from some of the nation’s most renowned teachers and choreographers.

Competitive Team Members are expected to be highly dedicated, committed to furthering their training and passionate about performing and competing.  The Competitive Dance Company is for advance level dancers 5th grade and up. 

Competitive Company Dancers 2019-2020

Senior II: Reese, Olivia, Avery, Kyrah, Alicia, Taryn, Alexa, Angela

Senior I: Kailey, Mackenzie, Ashley, Taylor, Ava, Abigail O, Abigail S, Ella, Hilary

Junior: Keely, Alyssa, Shea, Kate, Emme, Claire, Lulu, Lucy

Teen II: Maizy, Renee, Grace, Chloe, Emily, Piper, Sydney, Sarah 

Teen I: Kristen, Anna, Quinn, Kaylee, Peyton, Emilie

Mini: Morgan, Reese, Sarah, Riley, Serena, Bella, Audrey, Charlie


Performing Companies

The Performing Dance Companies provide opportunities for dancers to train and perform at a beginning and intermediate level. The dancers perform at numerous local events and our annual trip to perform at Disneyland. 

Performing Company Dancers 2019-2020

PC 1: Alexis, Molly, Hadley, Piper, Adeline

PC 2: Brielle, Ella, Sloan, Abigail, Cosette, Brooke, Emmerson, Katalina, Katrin, Penny, Claire, Quinn, Claudia 

PC 3: Makena, Emma, Madeline, Elle, Isabel, Zahara, Sally, Jillian, Peyton 

PC 4: Harlie, Isabella, Sabine, Savannah, Gabby, Remi, Scarlett, Jaden, Angela, Ava, Reese