February Dancer of the Month – Jake Pinkstaff!

Jake IMG_20150119_151959_829Age: 11
School/Grade: I am in 5th grade and attend Forest Park Elementary School

How many years have you been dancing at Elite
This is my 3rd year dancing here.

What is your favorite style of dance
My favorite style is Tap.

What is your favorite memory at Elite
My favorite memory was last years dance recital.

Tell us about your family…
I have a Dad named Bill, a Mom named Robin, and 3 sisters, Rachel, Carrie, and Kelly.

If you aren’t dancing…what else do you like to do
I love to act and hang out with my friends.

Where do you see yourself in 20 years
I see myself as a professional actor, singer, and dancer!

Tell us more…
Share two interesting facts about yourself.
My favorite candy is Swedish Fish.
I have a cat and a guinea pig.