Dance Companies

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Competitive Dance Companies

The Competitive Dance Companies provide opportunities for dancers to train and compete at an advanced level. The dancers compete at numerous competitions and attend many weekend conventions where they have the privilege of taking classes from some of the nation’s most renowned teachers and choreographers.

Competitive Team Members are expected to be highly dedicated, committed to furthering their training and passionate about performing and competing.  The Competitive Dance Company is for advance level dancers 5th grade and up. 

Competitive Company Dancers

Senior I: Reese Anderson, Caroline Carton, Avery Douglas, Hayley Peterson, Reagan Schwirian, Alexa Timchuk

Senior II: Margot Andres, Olivia Dolbec, Kyrah Harrison, Megan McHugh, Taryn Reed, Angela Xie

Junior: Hailey Cheon, Maizy Limbocker, Chloe Ohira, Jazmin Peterson, Renee Thorn, Grace Xie

Teen I: Ashley Mann, Taylor Martindell, John Mays, Ashley Olson, Abigail Osterink, Abigail Swank, Ella Yang, Hillary Zegzula

Teen II: Kailey Caffery, Claire Downey, Olive Gallagher, Daisy Gold, Mia Johnson, MacKenzie Kopacz, Halston Litch, Chloe Mills, Ava Ortiz, Michelle Yamamoto




Mini, Junior and Teen Performing Companies

The Performing Dance Companies provide opportunities for dancers to train and perform at a beginning and intermediate level. The dancers perform at numerous local events and our annual trip to perform at Disneyland. 

Performing Company Dancers  

PC 1: Brielle Burbano, Abigail Lee, Brooke Mason, Katrin Rotter, Penny VanderPloeg, Claire Wasmann

PC 2: Reese Geunes, Belle Hoalst, Sarah Kim, Riley Kopacz, Cosette Litch, Emmerson Muhs, Bella Murphy, Audrey Thorn, Charley Wagner

PC 3: Emma Collier, Morgen Dunne, Anna Fyfe, Sabine Jevning, Sally Johnson, Jillian Manos, Reese VanderPloeg

PC 4: Alyssa Gaibler, Shea Holmes, Kate Marostica, Claire Scott, Lulu Swank, Lucy Wagner

PC 5: Quinn Geunes, Elle Gutierrez, Isabel Hendricks, Peyton Kennedy, Gabby Kobrowski, Remi Miller, Scarlett Penrod, Kayla Protheroe, Bella Whitehead

PC 6: Kristen Buckley, Piper Duke, Emily Duong, Avery Gill, Rithika Karpy, Sarah McGuire, Sydney Smith


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